DT-9501 / CEM เครื่องวัดรังสีนิวเคลียร RADIATION SCANNER METER / ราคา


(S1) เครื่องวัดรังสีนิวเคลียร Radiation Scanner Meter The radiation detector DT-9501 was developed to detect α-, β-, γ- and x- radiation. The radiation meter DT-9501 provides many features including a large, high-resolution backlit LCD display with annunciators.


Uses of imported Geiger counter sensor
Have ray measurement function selector switch
High-definition LCD liquid crystal display has the functions of backlight, measuring dynamic, ray category, reading, real-time, battery, measurement units symbols and simulation diagram instructions.
Show the average time adjustable
Can be used for radiometer value accumulated and measuring unit conversion
Has alarm, real-time stamp readings and Bluetooth data transmission functions
Have pulse counting function
Automatic selection of measurement range
Miniaturization impact resistant design, easy to carry
Meets ergonomic principle, comfortable hand feel
With Bluetooth communication data transmission function and powerful computer data analysis software
Large capacity memory, can put 4000 set of data storage directly inside the instrument, then transfer it to the computer. No need to manually record and support power down to keep stored data after 1 minute function, users don’t have to worry about losing data while replacing new batteries.

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