TES-32A , Battery Capacity Tester TES Electrical Electronic เครื่องมือวัดและทดสอบในงานอุตสาหกรรม / ราคา



est Condition Without Shutting Down Battery. Simultaneously Measure Battery Resistance, Voltage. Comparator Function. Rates Conditions as Pass, Warning, or Fail. Memory and Read Function Compact and Lightweight. RS232 PC Interface Storage Battery Systems Battery Capacity Testers, Check battery condition in seconds, with the battery in service!
Battery Types Tested: Compact storage batteries, Alkali and lead-acid batteries..
  • Battery Capacity: 0 to 500AH
  • Resistance Ranges: 40mO, 400mO, 4O, 40O
  • Resolution: 10µO, 100µO, 1mO, 10mO
  • Accuracy: ±(1%reading + 8digits) on all ranges.
  • Measurement Current: 25mA, 2.5 mA, 250µA, 25µA
  • Frequency: 1KHz
  • Accuracy: ±10%
  • Voltage Measurement: 4V, 40V
  • Resolution: 1mV, 10mV
  • Accuracy: ±( 0.1 %rdg ±6digits) Open Circuit Voltage 3.5V pp max Data Memory 500 data sets Continuous Data Memory 9600 data sets (only use PC download)
  • Comparator Setting: Resistance upper and lower limits and voltage throughold limit.
  • Memory: 99 sets of values
  • Operating Environment: 0? to 50? (32? to 122? ), 80%RH or less, non-condensing.
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 50VDC
  • Accessories: Instruction manual, Batteries, Test probe, Software, RS232 cable.

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