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Category: Pressure transmitter
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Description:MIK-300G Series pressure transmitter is kind of device based on pressure layer, which inside expert integrate circuit can transform sensor milli-volt signal to standard far distance transmission current signal, and it can be directly joined with computer joint clip, control instrument ,aptitude instrument or PLC etc. conveniently. The series' product is applied extensively in the professions, such as the industry process control, petroleum, chemical engineering and metallurgy etc. Carry the distance delivers and can adopt electric current exportation method. The serieses MIK-300Gs have the physical volume small, the weight is light, the whole stainless steel seals completely the structure, can work in the causticity environment.That product installs the convenience simple and direct, have the very high anti- to flap to pound at the function with anti-, be apply in the process to control extensively, aviation, aerospace, automobile, medical treatment equipments, HVAC etc. realm.

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