SENDO Model SS402 / ranges 0-400 bar เซนเซอร์วัดความดัน Flush Pressure sensor Transmitter (Output 4-20mA 2 Wire) (Supply 12-36VDC) (เกลียว G1/2") @ ราคา



● CE conformity
● Reverse polarity protection
● Stainless steel 316L wetted parts
● Silicone oil filled, rugged construction
● Wide measuring range: 0-0.1 bar to 400 bar
● Output signals: 4-20mA or 0-10V, 0-5V, 0.5-4.5V
● A wide range of pressure and electrical connections


SS402 series flush pressure sensor is an oil-filled silicone sensor designed by the piezoresistive technology, works following the piezoresistive effect, pressure applied by the process media is hydraulically transmitted from the flexible diaphragm, through the filled fluid between the diaphragm and the instrument, to the pressure element. It is very rugged and robust, flush port connection with material of stainless steel 316L, has a ring on the diaphragm, offers excellent long term and stable performance throughout the complete range of pressures spanning from 0.1 bar up to 400 bar with amplified voltage or current outputs.

SS402 series is highly configurable, with a variety of electrical termination and flush pressure port configurations, the sensor is ideal used in food process and industrial applications to measure the liquid and gas pressures, where the media is either viscous, or is otherwise liable to block the port of a conventional pressure transducer with a recessed diaphragm or pressure port.
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